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Alexandria Maillot Shares ‘Messed It Up’ Off Of Her Upcoming New Album.

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ALEXANDRIA MAILLOT is this tireless architect of the sultry and drives these 3 inch barbs of gritty lyrics in the frame of magnificent r&b/soul/rock intuitions in notes.

Get high on her way of music?


Lyrically in ‘Messed It Up’ the songstress brings the strength of Stevie Nicks and drives that nail right up your inhibitions and shatters it into one thousand little pieces of anger, regret, hindsight, and un-conformed emotional vigor.

After ‘Missed It Up’ ends, your insides are torn, and you’re tired. Tired of having seen the past chapters of your life, opened up by the stranger’s hands who you know as Alexandria, but now call friend.

The colors are short but high powered, as the Canadian songstress digs deep into every notions – a purveyance of thought and delight.

All of it christened into a velvety, but sour embedding of taste into cementing memories.

Feist, Stevie Nicks, Britany Howard, comes to mind, but at the same time, we’re always reminded that there’s no other but Alexandria, when she sings for us.

2019 will be another thrusting year for Alexandria and her songs. We can feel it.

‘Messed It Up’ is her lead single from her upcoming new sophomore record.



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