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Alexandria Maillot ‘Someone To Keep You Warm’ : Fabulous synth work that is just succulent and delicious.

Off of her fab album ‘Benevolence’ – available now.

Alexandria Maillot

Alexandria Maillot alternates between a solo project and a band. Overall, it is a fleeting music experience that changes with the seasons, constantly yearning for connection and seeking out those who see music as therapy.

We’d stated about Alexandria: “The colors are short but high powered, as the Canadian songstress digs deep into every notions – a purveyance of thought and delight… All of it christened into a velvety, but sour embedding of taste into cementing memories… Feist, Stevie Nicks, Britany Howard, comes to mind, but at the same time, we’re always reminded that there’s no other but Alexandria, when she sings for us.”

In ‘Someone To Keep You Warm’, it’s that fabulous synth work that is just succulent and delicious. It hooks as you do with a blue Marlin, and as you see out into the vastness of the blue Pacific Ocean of music, you see this delectable single, and you, yourself, get mighty hooked.

Performing since the age of seven, Alexandria has already amassed an impressive list credits, including being scouted by David Foster at age 12, working with Randy Bachman, and even being featured on the Oprah Winfrey network.

The veteran of her craft, Alexandria’s vibrant talent and authenticity springs into life whenever she’s on the cusp of that song. The song that calls out and delivers with magnetic pull and charm.

She is this tireless architect of the sultry and drives these 3 inch barbs of gritty lyrics in the frame of magnificent r&b/soul/rock intuitions in notes.

Complex and modern, Alexandria is where we’d want to be.

She never fails us to do so.



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