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Alexis Taylor Shares New Video For ‘Beautiful Thing’ (Official Video).

Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) on April 20th, will drop ‘Beautiful Thing’, his fourth solo album. He’s worked on this latest publication with his fellow peer, Tim Goldsworthy (formerly of Unkle/Mowax and DFA). This is the first time Taylor has worked with an external producer, and from the first title single, it seems the partnership has bore some sweet fruit.

Taylor is a chameleon of an artist and draws and constructs his songs from influences in many genres of music, including electronica, pop, indie pop, etc. In ‘Beautiful Thing’, the cinematic drama working towards pulling apart and gluing back to the essence of emotions, correctly helps elevate the song. This of course, naturally helps us expect much from the upcoming album.

Our faves from the album are: ‘Deep Cut’ (a constructive essay for the other in life, and after-life of a relationship), ‘Suspicious Of Me’ (a melodramatic taunt into what’s good, good to self, and of weight being off one’s shoulders), ‘A Hit Song’ (a love song presented, as thoughtful and poignant as a Pink Floyd ballad), and ‘Oh Baby’ (a world away from the other songs, but so very much a perfect fit for Taylor’s sensibilities).

What can we say? The moving art piece by Taylor is affectionately appropriate on a wall for observance, as it is for the ears.



Track List:
Dreaming Another Life
Beautiful Thing
Deep Cut
Roll on Blank Tapes
Suspicious of Me
A Hit Song
Oh Baby
There’s Nothing To Hide
I Feel You
Out of Time


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