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alextbh, NUUXS, WILLA, Ka-Li, Charlee Remitz.

alextbh – walls

Malaysian artist alextbh is dream-like surfing of waves we open our eyes for. The ‘pop-intrusion’ of this delicious ballad convinces us that there’s hope yet in this world. Produced by Maths Time Joy, the single evokes the under-stated love for the uninitiated knowledge. That inkling when you met. The spark of that first touch. The love that ensued. alextbh lives in Malaysia, as an openly gay man, where institutionalized discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ community exists, with the full force of the law. Maybe in song, like ‘Walls’, there can be slow change in the makeup of that despotism soon.

NUUXS – Patient

French born UK singer/songwriter NUUXS is a wonderland, unto herself. ‘Patient’ relegates our senses to the upper atmosphere. It ejects our sensible side, and dig deep into what makes us animals and irrisitible to our mania. NUUXS makes things feel right, better – the way it should be. Featuring vocals of Zac Pajak, this debut is delectable.

WILLA – Cause You Did

“Writing Cause You Did was the first time I truly faced my feelings about the person that hurt me most,” Willa stated. “The song explores my inability to allow myself to get close to anyone since then and how the thick skin I’ve developed feels powerful; like an armour or strength even though underneath that armour is only hurt and fear. Even though I KNOW vulnerability is real strength. I’m working on it.” It’s all about the way in which our ‘armours’ / ‘shields’ will crack. Because it will soon or later. Are you prepared? Are we all?

Ka-Li – Halfway

KA-LI is the project of the London based duo with the mostest in soul and funk. Add a little more of the r&b goodness, and you have this single ‘Halfway’, off of the upcoming debut EP. The combination of vocals provided by Indigo Lily and the producer emotions of Sam Posener, the duo makes it happen. A passion put on sonic tablets for us to enjoy.

Charlee Remitz – Sad Girl Music

Montanan, CHARLEE REMITZ, is really really good. Yes, she’s in the genre of pop, but it’s the delivery and mix of contemplative vocal attitude that gets to us. It’s a taste of something that we know not. It’s like a scent that you’d been described, but just won’t experience the right way, unless in person. ‘Sad Girl Music’ is the track off Charlee’s 2nd LP, of the same title. Vulnerability is strength for Charlee. We aptly agree.


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