alextbh ‘The Chase’ : Dream-like surfing of waves we open our eyes for.


“I felt empty. There was this void in me I was trying to understand after spending a good amount of time in casual relationships and finding myself shutting out guys who were well-intentioned though I couldn’t bring myself to explore something deeper with them. Those relationships, in their totality, were ‘the chase’ – it starts and ends there. The music video is meant to portray the moments after a casual hookup – melancholy scenes of the outside world juxtaposed with flashbacks of the experience veiled in feelings of disgust, like ‘why did I do that?'”

‘The Chase’ represents Alex’s first official body of work and is a landmark moment for the rising artist whose prior releases have amassed 50 million+ global streams. Towing a line between forward-thinking R&B and slick dark pop, much of The Chase is self-written and produced and marks the culmination of a breakout year for the rising artist.

The EP has sparked widespread acclaim with strong support at streaming platforms, landing on the cover of Malaysia’s ‘Top Hits’ Spotify playlist and the ‘Rising Pop’ Tidal playlist. Alex was also tipped by i-D in their feature spotlighting Asian musicians defining a new era, describing his songs as “witty and weird, compelling and accessible pieces of worn-in pop.”

Malaysian artist alextbh is dream-like surfing of waves we open our eyes for. The ‘pop-intrusion’ of this delicious ballad convinces us that there’s hope yet in this world.

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