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Alf Whitby ‘Lighthouse’ : Remorseful reliance … delivers in kind and empathetic triumphs.

Diary of experiences and anecdotal certainties.

Lush laminations sparkle through the gray-ish melancholy of Alf Whitby’s latest single ‘Lighthouse’. The light at the end of the tunnel beckons with the wispy beauty of Alf’s effervescently understated and expressive vocals, as the almost remorseful reliance of the song, delivers in kind and empathetic triumphs.

With the inklings of Andy Shauf and Conor Oberst, the vibe and absolution, mix in a cocktail of angst and suppositions. The song collapses in realization, as the protagonist sings with heart’s delight, knowing that everything might not be perfect. All that he would want to confirm is that things will go forward and that maybe, just maybe the future will be there with open arms and acceptance.

The lost emotions, settles in, within this emotive journey, as predictably unpredictable as life must be. The ambitions fold into a myriad of contortions, as we flow through life. Disappointments and successes, mangle into a diary of experiences and anecdotal certainties.

Yes. Life is not perfect, but that means there are opportunities that can be held – in hand – to give another crack at feeling that worthwhile fulfillment of the heart once more.



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