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Alffa – Black Angel

This is Alffa’s lead Single for their debut album ‘Rhyddid or cysgodion gwenwynig (freedom from the poisonous shadows)’. Alffa, from Llanrug, Wales were the first artist to achieve a million streams on Spotify for a song in the Welsh language. Still in their teens, the band are on the cusp of something big, having wowed a lot of critics and audiences in their live shows, including showcases at The Great Escape and Swn Festival. Alffa consists of Dion Wyn Jones and Sion Eifion Land. And the duo’s single might be one of the best hard-rock offering that we’d heard in a long time. Combining textures of White Stripes, Black Sabbath, and Royal Blood, the two talents almost effortlessly drive this song to another Universe. There’s a duality in their contrasts, and the two bring weight and gumption to their songs like nobody’s business. Like others, can’t wait to hear more from the dynamic duo. Treat yourself to some Alffa next @ Ty Glyndwr, Caernarfon Wales on November 29th.

KOJ – Home

“Writing and recording ‘Home’ has been one hell of a journey for us!” said KOJ. “The song existed in about five different versions already, but we just never seemed to get it to a state where it really felt right. The song is super important to us, as it explores the idea of belonging and what it really means to feel at home with yourself, so we dove deep into songwriting once again in early 2019 and finally recorded the version of Home that we had envisioned in our minds. Home was recorded entirely in our home studio in a very intimate setting. In that way we were able to bring out the essence of the song whilst working with a minimalistic set up to be able to hone in on the underlying emotions of the song.” Confusions and of realization, and in ‘Home’ a tactile indie-rock offering coaxes with digital textures, to keep you abreast and on your toes. ‘Home’ explores the idea of belonging and finding a home in yourself, that truly feels authentic. Alina, Simon, and Nils make up KOJ. Three musicians. Two brothers. One married couple. Together the concept brings things all together, as the family shows colors, unseen – yet to be seen. See them next @ Tower Musikclub, Bremen Germany November 17th.

Love Ghost – Let It All Burn

“‘Let It All Burn’ is how I see the world through my 18-year-old eyes. The hypocrisy and unwanted advice that weighed me down during senior year led to this song. My Dad being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer made me more determined- “fuck what they say, I make my own way” I sing in the verse – (songwriter Finnegan Bell). Finnegan Bell (guitar and vocals), Nicky Renard (Guitar), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) Samson Young (drums and background vocals) and Cory Batchler (keyboards) are the beats and force you feel through this octagonal rock tune. Angles from every slit of sound, the anthem of rebellion, is a succinct ‘f*ck you’ single that has a charm and aura that is distinctly different. It has a ‘pop’ vibe that isn’t quite pop. But it all settles in as the atmosphere is dowsed with the attitude that kicks butt, while you’re dancing away. The song was produced by Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, u2, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie). “For 3 years we have been feeding the homeless on skid row. All proceeds from this song will go to our work with the homeless.” Respect. See them next @ Troubadour, West Hollywood California November 27th.

Denitia – 23

Brooklyn based queer alt-pop artist and guitarist Denitia drops her new single ’23’. Touch of the Sky is a fusion of the country music influences from Denitia’s youth and her signature electronic pop sound. Listeners might hear hints of dream-pop and ambient electronica reflecting the guiding inspiration of ethereal acts like Beach House and Cocteau Twins. The album is a reflection on identity, love, youth, and self-evolution anchored in wide sonic soundscapes composed of layered vocals, dreamy synths, and reverb-ed guitars. Denitia’s ravishingly expressive vocals temp all; and invite only the ones who can relate and reminisce with the challenges that have hurt, strengthened – surviving ultimately, and thriving once more. ’23’ is off of her latest album ‘Touch Of The Sky’.

Ben Strawn – See in Color

“This is the first single and title track off my upcoming debut album, ‘See in Color’,” said Ben Strawn. “When writing this song, I was struggling with addiction and honesty in my relationships and marriage. I was trying to find comfort and escape so much so in social media and a longing for success that it was clouding up my brain. I felt like I couldn’t see anything clearly anymore.” From Cleveland, Tennessee, Ben’s lovely presentation is patient and nurtured with beautiful alt-folk vibes, tinged in tactical synth shimmer. Continued Ben: “As I turned away from temporary distractions and leaned into open communication with my wife and friends, color re-entered my life. This song is meant for others that have anxiety and depression but don’t know how to communicate that with the people that care for them. This song (and album as a whole) was written to tell people that it’s okay to feel bad, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.” Lovely textures abound with Ben’s works. Decorative side pieces, adorn the inquisitive valor of being here. Look for more from this fab artist.


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