Alfie Crews x Max Tuohy ‘Spaced Out’ : Converging in beautiful chords and sonic perfection.

Alfie Crews

London-based artist development and management company Nü Inc. Sound, which currently runs under the music platform DiscoverNü, are happy to announce their debut compilation mixtape A Dreamer’s Collection Vol.1. featuring all the acts they develop and manage, as well as associated acts.

Lead single ‘Spaced Out’ by The Riversiders frontman and principal songwriter Alfie Crews is an out-of-this world jam which features a captivating hook by Brother Zulu singer-songwriter Max Tuohy.

Tight and absolutely produced to revelry, ‘Spaced Out’ is an r&b/blues placement of feelings and emotional impacts. A descriptive reverence for the love or the love-lost, converging in beautiful chords and sonic perfection.


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