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Alfie Firmin // Sailing Stones // kunkun // Sweetwood // A Band Called Jack

Alfie Firmin – Mona Lisa

ALFIE FIRMIN comes at us with ‘Mona Lisa’, and his way with matter-of-fact affectionate vocals keep the flames alive for any kind of relationship we desire. The 21 year old singer/songwriter produces from Southend-On-Sea, and in his debut solo LP ‘Setting Sun’, he continues to assault the senses with demure guitars and gentlemanly lyrics. Feeling lost in this complicated world is a given. Getting out and living again, is your task. Which side will you be on?

Sailing Stones – To Know Nothing At All (Telescopes)

SAILING STONES is Jenny Lindfors. And from her beautiful lyrics, she elevates our proclivity in doubt, with ample amounts of positive gold. And that gold is the decadent and absolute emotional love that we feel about Jenny’s latest ‘To Know Nothing At All’. We have confidence that no matter where Jenny’s lyrics are presented, it simply will transcend every platform of genres marked, and shimmer at the top of the mountain with excellence in story telling and exquisite quality. Just wow, every time.

kunkun – Safe from grace

‘Safe From Grace’ is a significant piece of raw red meat that hangs in the middle of the forest, inviting all of the retribution from nature, it deserves. It’s delicious. It’s decadent. It’s the mix of industrial-experimental synth dipped primal scream we can all appreciate. It’s the meat of how we’d like to live our daily lives. Upfront, without pretense, full of vigor, protein packed – a life worth living. kunkun’s latest release is ‘Cyranoids’.

Sweetwood – One Of These Days

SWEETWOOD’s ‘One Of These Days’ brings down the house with soul/dance/pop ambitions, that click right away to our notions of a weekend that is perpetually on its way. ‘One Of These Days’ makes the middle of the week more bearable, no? So, let’s just dance. Hold out your hand, and grab your co-worker. He’ll dig it. You’ll dig it. We all dig this single.

A Band Called Jack – Makes Me Shine

A BAND CALLED JACK’s rockin’ single ‘Makes Me Shine’ is what you need in your life. From the Manchester UK music scene, the band formed in 201, and has been integral to the pubs to large venues that they frequented. ‘Makes Me Shine’ is a statement of love that we sometimes feel when she or he means so much to us. The Brit-pop band has no pretentious after-tastes, and satisfactorily takes up on the ride with classic guitar and driving drum guard-rails of sound. They continue with ever present energy.


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