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Alfreda Shares Single ‘Girl of Our Dreams’. “Alfreda Does. And That’s All That Really Matters.”

Rock ballads and drama drenched broadway story telling is what ‘Girl Of Our Dreams’ is. It’s unapologetic and it’s the dub-step that you can like and don’t feel out of place. On top of that, ALFREDA’s energy in each word depicted is infectious.

You know, when a person’s attitude is ‘infectious’? Yep. That’s what this single reflects.

And it throws some sharp barbs at the notion of what’s distracting you today, and always. It’s that instigation of what she knows about you, but you still don’t know about yourself. It’s that “I got you” statement, but in an advantageous way.

Get it?

No? Well, Alfreda does. And that’s all that really matters.

For she’s got your number, literally and descriptively. You’ll wake up with a black eye, just because of the fight you had in your dream.

Yea. It was a tough night, we’re sure.

As we’d mentioned: ‘Alfreda’s got you. Just be careful what you ask.’

Look out for what Alfreda will do in the coming future. You never know.

Kudos, Alfreda. Kudos.



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