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Ali Horn ‘Guiding Star’ : Within the transitions between those binary of colors.

See Ali next @ Arts Club, Liverpool on December 18th.

Ali Horn

Lonesome by the side of the road. A ruck sack hiding bits of crackers and basic nourishment that caters to the day’s grind. The sun seemed a bit too harsh on this day, as the brim on the cap, didn’t block enough of the rays.

But those small thoughts of inconsequence, swirled inside his brain, reminding him of the times of plenty and of better luck.

He missed her. Missed her a lot.

And as the one on one pace of the passing cars, signaled with whistling tire treads, speeding more than 40 miles an hour, the wind at their wake, made his body chill with dread and the literal long road ahead.

A solemn opportunity never afforded itself, as he took a deep breath of sighing dread, before picking up the weight of the ruck sack – full of memories and feelings for the one who got away.

Ali’s vocals capture with irreverence. It reflects that way because of his reasons for depicting stories of light and dark. And within the transitions between those binary of colors, Ali plucks off the vibes of the day, into music that we can absorb and embrace.

See Ali next @ Arts Club, Liverpool on December 18th.



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