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Aliana // Gabe Greenland // Pastis // Black Lime // mxmtoon

Aliana – The Entertainer

ALIANA is the rock middle finger to the one that get in the way. ALIANA is the project of Marc Aliana, and the songwriter/guitarist, originally from Barcelona, Spain (now in Oakland CA), kicks it up many notches in ‘The Entertainer’. With energy to spare, the single rocks your world, with its distortion guitar magic, and strategically placed synth anomalies. His upcoming EP of the same name will drop in early 2019, along with a music video he’d wrote and co-directed.

Gabe Greenland – Sunbrnd

GABE GREENLAND is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter/producer from Los Angeles. With singles like ‘Sunbrnd’ at his every whim, it’s easy to understand how fans of his get enamored with his machinations in art. Gabe is a master of combining the right elements from indie, pop, hiphop, which affords the rest of us listening to take refuge in the umbrella of the unique and distinguished. Gabe’s upcoming album ‘Love & Espionage’ should be a doozy, as we’d fully expect it to rock our world, in some sense. Kudos.

Pastis – Valour Valour

Off of the upcoming debut LP ‘Circles’ from the fab band PASTIS, the single ‘Valour Valour’ creates this adolescent angst that we, as listeners, haven’t felt in a single in a while. The trials and tribulations, of a soul whom was looking for the best way to get on with the world around him. The march up the mountain might be hard, but with support and love, we all can make it. PASTIS knows you can make it. Simply, this single is such a treat for the mind and for the heart. It emboldens, with its philosophy and amiable pre-ambles. Watch out for PASTIS.

Black Lime – Mania

‘Controlled energy’ is the closest thing that can describe for us, about this single ‘Mania’ from BLACK LIME. Why? Well, first it’s the bass, then when you listen to the pulp growl of the guitars elbowing to perfection, all comes just at the edge of madness. Hence, the ‘controlled energy’ realization. The manic attacks of your emotional sufferage, is the key to freedom. That’s what ‘Mania’ says to us. What does it say to you? Keep it rockin’!

mxmtoon – i feel like chet

mxmtoon is the project of Maia. It’s her project where she creates stories for other to enjoy. It’s her project where her life’s stories, become tales of love, smiles, expectations, of failures, and victories to come. In ‘I Feel Like Chet’, it’s obviously the ukulele play that is the focus of this delicious single. But it’s not only that shines, but Maia’s honesty in the vocals, with the lyrical amendments to sensibilities that awe and excite. Let’s fall in love. Let mxmtoon help you. She’s your biggest fan.


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