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Alice Jemima – Our Love

‘Everything Changes’ is the upcoming new album (February 28th, 2020) where Alice Jemima’s brutally honest vibes will hit like a ton of bricks. A bridge too far and in a gap within valleys – a delightful vocal arrangement of ‘Our Love’ engorges with story pride and a telling of a near relationship. As Alice puts it, ‘Our Love’ is: “A song that tries to capture in words that feeling that you have when you fall in love and the world becomes an almost indescribable kaleidoscope of emotion that feels like a sugar-rush with everything travelling at speed, touch creating a feeling of being high, but crucially a feeling of uniqueness between two people – that no one else can know what it feels like to have ‘Our Love’.” A dedicated serenade to a concept that is real, between two hearts, that, somehow, have come together. Alice released her captivating debut self-titled album in 2017 to much critical acclaim and has achieved over 25-million album streams to date. See this captivating voice next @ Southend Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-On-Sea on November 19th.

Aila Fei – Marmalade

On ‘Marmalade, Aila Fei stated: “The song came to me while I was on a solo backpacking trip. When I got to my friends place in Vienna, I sat down at their piano and played a complete song. I kept working on the production of the track while I traveled through Eastern Europe and India. The song pretty much fell out of me.” With perfectly place synth, displacing notions of love and mis-steps, ‘Marmalade’ seeps into every nook-and-cranny of your emotions, and settles in for a lesson. Aila’s delicious vocals – confident, subtle, valiant – expects a step of betterment, for all of us. Starting from a moment of uplifting sifts of hope, Aila’s dreams comes apart at the edges of sanity – then forming back into a rise of fire and devotion – like the phoenix of a longing and determined heart. Aila added: “It’s about having the ability to see through and relate to the facade/barrier that people put up around themselves, unable to express what they truly feel, because you used to have a similar one yourself..” Lessons continues. For all of us.

Shook – Fighting

“F.I.G.H.T.I.N.G… you must keep on fightin’ fightin’ fightin” Shook is an independent producer, composer and musician based in The Netherlands. And ‘Fighting’ is the 3rd single from his upcoming album ‘Music for City and Nature’ (November 8th). With it, you know why it exists. It’s a cheerleader, uplift for the part of you that tries to convince your soul that “it’s not worth going through it anymore”. Many facets of life manifests as such. Often times, degrading, frustrating, infuriating, exhausting. Life is a constance of waves in pain. But we still survive. An often irrational thrust, if you look at it. Shook thinks it’s worth fighting, though, and he wants us to go with him. A place of promises, then realized. “”With my song ‘Fighting’ I tried to make the ultimate motivational song to push through towards what you want, and to never give up!” Motivation comes in this song as Daft Punk-esque vocals, chanting that chant-able hook, urging for energy – within our hearts and minds, as we also dance to the very much danceable single. Let’s rise, eh?

Olive Louise – Fool

Olive Louise is a singer/songwriter and composer from New York. Classically influence, and determined for a new vibe in pop, Olive, successfully casts tones of color and vibrance in her, equally determined single ‘Fool’. Part examination of self and part filtering of things to come, ‘Fool’ is a Kiesza-esque alt-pop indication, that surges with succinct emphasis and understated growl. Olive said of the song: ““I hope it inspires people to embrace the beauty in what makes them different and offers them new perspective. I believe that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Olive had gone through the worst tragedy that a family could go through. Losing her parents at a young age, will ever leave her heart, as she’d, at times, struggled to get to the place that she knew she could. A seeming cascade of mis-fortunes gathered at her place of solace, and kept on trying to break down her remaining defiance and zest. “I was at a really low point in my life, I had gained weight, was too nervous to run into people I knew for fear of judgment, and felt like some of the people I had been there for the most didn’t want the best for me. It was hard to trust myself and my judgement”. But somehow, through perseverance and knowledge she has grown into something more. The obviously thoughtful notes and lyrical expressions, themselves, cascade in her songs. And there she’s reclaimed some of the hurt that life has taken from her. She declared: “‘Fool’ is a self-love anthem which screams the attitude of ‘paint me how you want, nobody has the power to hurt me anymore”. Beautiful stuff. ‘Fool’ was mixed by Andrew Wuepper (Justin Beiber) and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Beyonce, Rihanna, Cardi B, Lady Gaga). Look for more from Olive.

Miko – Crushes

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Miko produces songs that are poetically gritty, a blend of sleek pop and 90’s rugged vibes. This is his first single. Doesn’t sound like it at all, does it. Produced in collaboration with Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Matt Holubowski, Claudia Bouvette), the beautifully laid pop endeavor hits your senses like a 2×4, but as soft as your significant other’s touches over you shoulders. ‘Crushes’ has a minimalistic and laid-back melodic structure that is effortlessly catchy. Moody, rhythmic, charming, and seductive – Miko’s vocals shine over all else, as the top shelf guitar play (raw, acoustic, and delicious) bring the measure of expediency to the love at hand or for the future. The talented artist regularly writes with rising Montreal artists such as Soran, Mike Clay (Clay & Friends) , and Geoffroy. And with chops like Miko, musical stardom in any capacity he’d want, will deliver like aces. See him next @ Velvet – Auberge St-Gabriel, Montreal on November 5th. Get in, and love what Miko can bring.


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