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Alice Merton – No Roots

Alice Merton’s No Roots, off of her album of the same name, makes you move. Move your arms, move your legs, move your hips, move your torso, move your head, clench those lips and skip, steppity-step to the other side of the street. Her unique stylistics and musical idiosyncrasies just makes this song very delicious.

Her album ‘No Roots’ dropped end of 2016, but her songs are fresh as they are refreshing. It’s a satisfying breeze, through our hair, as if we had hair longer than our shoulders.

Now her tour will hit North America at this 4th quarter of 2017. She’s come full circle (meaning it’s been a full year) since her explosive rise in popularity, and we think she’s going to crush it, as always.

The song, as if you can guess, is about ‘not having roots’. But at the same time, recognizing it, accepting it, then doing your thang; because the world doesn’t wait for you.

Let’s have fun.

Let’s embrace it.

Let’s hug it.

Let’s move on.

Let’s move forward and go – go!

It’s a good philosophy – even if reminiscing does hurt and shed some layers of doubt for the future.

But head down. Stride strong.

Ok, she’s taking this fabulousness-of-a-song (and her other songs, of course) and doing the concert thing in North America.

After her tour in Germany, her N.A. tour starts in the U.S. with Chicago getting her first on November 20th.

Kudos, Alice. Kudos.

Yep we love her sensibility, and we dig!

She’s rep’ed by her Paper Plane Records, and in conjunction with Propeller Communications.



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