Alicia Blue ‘Queen of Echo Park (Ft. Lauren Ruth Ward)’ : Beautiful inklings, dangle with umpteen pride with Alicia at the helm.

Alicia Blue / Photo: Tammie Valer

‘Queen of Echo Park’ is Alicia Blue’s hauntingly optimistic tale of blues in happiness. Friendship, companionship, comfort, synergy – a wrap of goodness in life that Alicia just had to write about.

“I had been waiting to write a song that could reveal my joy, if that makes any sense,” explained Alicia Blue. “Like true heart shimmering joy. Elation. Not that I intentionally don’t write about my joy, but songwriting started off as a very necessary way to make sense of my chaos. Darker work in a way.”

“When I first saw Lauren Ruth Ward 2 years ago at a Sofar Sounds show I knew I was going to become friends with her. Her unapologetic lyrics and vocal agility was in many ways the opposite of me, but also inside of me. Somehow we became fast friends this past year and she invited me over for a co-write. We tried a bit but ended up just getting to know each other better… There’s a magical quality in which she chooses to live, and I really couldn’t let that go unknown. I needed to be the one to tell the world about this magic, especially since so many others (her fans and friends included) would relate with it. I needed to paint the picture of what we all felt. Lauren has lifted up so many of us in the LA music scene, it felt silly not to comment on this energy flowing through us.”

Can’t put it better than that.

Beautiful inklings, dangle with umpteen pride with Alicia at the helm.

Alicia decides to see the good.


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