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Alicia Enstrom Shares ‘Half Moon’. “Grips in resolve, and fortifies.”

Off kilter, simmering, anxious, and hauntingly confident, the ‘plucking’ vibes of the stringed instruments in ALICIA ENSTROM’s single ‘Half Moon’ is a delivery in experimental visage, honed in classical techniques, then offered as a truffle moistened wrangle in story telling.

Said Alicia, ‘Half Moon’ is inspired by: “this idea that when you start to truly look at yourself more clearly, you are floating above the ground in quiet reflection… a quiet acceptance of being who and what you are…. however strange and uncharacteristic that may be.”

A search for the biggest treasure of them all, is the fountain of youth – the face on the surface of Mars. The decadence in the journey, step by step clears up the ambiguity and softens the striations of malformed ignorance. The strengthening from stride for stride, grips in resolve, and fortifies.

In that journey, you’ve become, what you’d always wished you could be.

Alicia’s majestic interpretive dance in musical form, will continue with her new EP ‘A monstrosity’. It drops September 6th.



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