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Alina Baraz ‘Buzzin’: Lusting for the next shot of lust. Here’s to you.

Alina Baraz’s Buzzin is a low tone, chill pop song, dripping with lustful innuendos and fateful shots toward love’s ramparts. And we love it for what it is.

Yea, we know. We don’t review pure pop, many times. But there are times when we’re compelled to cross that threshold.

And just like all the bands, singers, songwriters, and performers noted on our site, we’ve become a fan of Alina.

Just like many reviews prior, we at CHF, are more interested in what unique element that we’re presented.

At this time and moment, we had been smitten.

I’ll meet you downtown, where the crowd is large.
Large enough to be raucous, large enough to be wow.
We want to be seen, in the scene where news thrive.
There goes the train to nowhere, let’s take another ride.
Your love is the power, to my ambitions.
It takes me higher, to no avail.
Filling that call for caressing intuition.
Raking me with your soft undulating breath.
You love me don’t you?
I do.
Hold my hand.

Kudos, Alina. Kudos.

Looking forward to more fab songs from you.



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