Alina Bea ‘Split at the Seams’ : Examining chaos, dystopia, the human condition.

Alina Bea / Photo: Noel David Taylor

Los Angeles-based singer, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist, Alina Bea makes vocal-forward avant-pop, characterized by innovative production and deeply felt lyrical delivery. Her recordings and live performances feel both cinematic in scale and surprisingly intimate, with choreographed dance elements and raw, cathartic vocals. Evoking comparisons to Bjork and Kate Bush, her style is ever-shifting and evolving, but remains grounded in its undeniable honesty and relate-ability.

Said Alina: “I am endlessly fascinated by the concept of identity – what defines who we are and how we become ourselves. Split at the Seams is about the fear of being controlled by your genes; the feeling that you may be predisposed to be a certain kind of person and have certain tendencies and that you ultimately have no control over it. Theo Karon composed the beautifully chaotic, off-kilter string arrangements in the track.”

With her upcoming debut full-length record (May 29th), ‘You Will Learn’, Alina examines what it means to be human in the increasingly chaotic and terrifying science-fiction dystopia that the current moment can often feel like.

With the help of producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, Theo Karon, the record presents an immersive sonic world made up of synthesizers, virtuosic piano performances, string ensembles, vocoder, tape loops, and countless other noises and textures.

The video was choreographed by Alina’s sister, Lillian Cutrono, and was partially inspired by a scene in the 2018 remake of Suspiria.

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