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Alison’s Fall // Mia Berg // Jupiter Styles // Shotski // The Moonjacks

Alison’s Fall – Double Six

Siblings Pepijn and Floortje van der Kooy create a menagerie of rock sounds in ‘Double Six’. ALISON’S FALL is an alternative rock band that will seduce you to dance to the mechanical beats transferred onto drum kit. Deep roaring synth like bass and irresistible fuzzy guitar lines that ring through the beat. Coming together through the honest voice and stories of the vocals. See this two person dynamo next for Popronde 2019 in WSC Skatepark on October 4th.

Mia Berg – Berlin

Oslo Norway based MIA BERG drops ‘Berlin’. The beautiful trip-pop single ‘Berlin’ is what Mia can do. Off of her debut EP ‘Intro’, the consequential artist just delivers again and again, with penetrating lyrics, unadulterated vocals, and exquisite story telling acumen. We’d said: “And she does it with stunning innovation and beautifully constructed vocals, that have become a part of what MIA BERG, the brand has and will become.” Combining r&b/soul to the mix, the alt-pop purveyor, divides and conquers your sense for pop and gets you on the right side of history. See her next @ VEGA, February 14th (2020) in Copenhagen.

Jupiter Styles – Haunted

Chicago’s Jupiter Styles detail on their upcoming new album Ultra St. Opera, out October 25. ‘Haunted’ is the first single to be released from Ultra St. Opera focus bluntly on this modern human relationship with loss. Driven by self-reflection, Neumann’s straight-forward, emotionally confrontational, and at times sharply direct lyricism paint the album with tough conversations that often go unspoken. Here, Neumann laments the feeling of no longer recognizing yourself and your surroundings.

Shotski – SOL

As told by the band: “SHOTSKI was aimless. Drifting between mountain & ocean, in an adrenaline fueled bender. Months passed a stoic gaze, as it conceded to let the uninspired drift by. Sparing no room for pretense or caution. It lifted its arms from the sand, and rubbed off last night’s bar stamp from top of hand. Though renewed by the Pacific Ocean, it did not find peace. Restless, and unsatisfied, it gained elevation. Cutting down slopes, measuring the consistency of the snow under foot. Though refreshed by NW snow, it still did not find peace. It was only more emboldened to see what other boundaries it could test. Finding refuge in Portland, OR. Giving fuel to her music.” How can you not vibe their passion, eh? Get into the surf-rock psyche mood of ‘SOL’.

The Moonjacks – Bummer

We’d said of THE MOONJACKS: “The co-equal branches of ‘surf/psyche’ and ‘garage-pop’, meld together in…THE MOONJACKS.” The slacky rock comes off with fabulous charm in ‘Bummer’ once more as the reverb ridden actions all of the sounds, like growling cats, comes off without a hitch in this fun and danceable single. We’d also said: “Thumping percussions/drums, crack open the heavens, as the shimmery-dreariness of the guitar and vocals rasterize your whole being to utter cluster of meaningful meaninglessness.” TRUUUU.


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