Alissa Musto ‘How Still’ : Thoughtful deliberation on what is and our look into a new future.

Alissa Musto

Bringing wisps of past pop decades, Alissa Musto’s single ‘How Still’ resets pop and r&b tinged delight to new heights.

“I work as a seafarer and watched coronavirus unravel the entire industry,” said Alissa Musto. “‘How Still’ is a tribute to the 93,000 ship crew members trapped at sea away from their families during the pandemic, including many Americans being denied entry into their own country. It mourns the loss of ‘ship life’ as we knew it, the collapse of an industry and the loneliness of being quarantined on an empty cruise ship.”

With a beauty that is set by the chorus, ‘How Still’ is a thoughtful deliberation on what is and our look into a new future. A future that wasn’t by design, but thrust upon our societies by chance of life. What we do with the future is up to us. Examining in hindsight. Making better for decades to come, once again.

​Raised in Massachusetts, Alissa juggled her academic schedule with her musical aspirations, using lunch break to practice, performing in local venues on the weekends and racking up local and national honors including ‘Piano Act of the Year’ in the nationally-airing Wonderworld TV Golden Ribby Awards, top 3 in the 19 & under Music On & Up Showcase grand finale and top 10 in KidzStar USA, a talent search attracting 45,000+ entries.


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