ALIX ‘Spoiled’ : Danceable and chill, the single continues the trend of allure and wonderment.


Off of the full album ‘Feel Better’, pop artist, ALIX conjures up fabulousness in ‘Spoiled’.

Said ALIX of the project: “I wanted to keep the sounds light, comforting, and positive to symbolize a lifestyle I want to be dedicated to. But I wanted to include the humanity of needing to talk through feelings and turn frustration into constructive growth. There were emotions I confronted in these songs that I needed to get off my chest to feel better and move on.”

The songwriter from the Bay Area, creates diverse sounds and pop articulations, to provoke new angles of vibes and vibrant entertainment.

‘Spoiled’ is an r&b interpretation, with the bounce of revelry. Danceable and chill, the single continues the trend of ALIX’s allure and wonderment.


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