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All My Madness – Still Lost

With a small and diminutive beginnings of ‘Still Lost’, the sounds build upon each other, swelling into a crest of waves, both individual in power and unified in its somber iridescence. Jacob Neely it the project name ALL MY MADNESS and off of the album ‘Daylight Waits’, this single is something of intrinsic exposition into the gray, where solutions break down and only what the facts reveal. Jacob stated: “Every night, I have trouble sleeping. My heart begins to race as thoughts clutter my mind when I close my eyes. At some point, seeing the sunrise each morning became comforting – almost as if I had successfully lived until tomorrow and could now go to bed.” In 2016, Jacob suddenly lost the ability to hear in his left ear. The started the feelings of desperation and fright that is very much embedded within even this one single. “Being only 18 at the time and scared shitless,” expanded Jacob. “I spent many nights staying up way too late having panic attacks about where my future would go..” His album ‘Daylight Waits’ is the journey of the reborn man that lives as Jacob, after his personal trauma. A finding of reasons to drive on, to become stronger with time, and maybe find that exact hunger – vetoing the trepidations – to flower in bloom once more.

Lychnis – Priscilla Presley (Moon Version)

Alex Aguilar is LYCHNIS. And we’d featured his single ‘I Love Ashes’ back last June of 2018. We’d stated about that single “Sinking in the mist of intractable frivolity, brought the fingers up; then up to the high heavens in plain, crinkled up, paper sheets.” That’s how Alex’s singles make our little emotions twine with energy and manic illusions. Now, we have ‘Priscilla Presley (Moon Version)’ which Alex said that the single was inspired by Priscilla Presley herself, how “Elvis all to herself when he would periodically return home from the road”. Oh these two. Anywho, Alex’s intuitions shine though once more as the dream state of consciousness, which he tries to describe with deep conviction, peeks its head in and out, just enough for all of us to indulge in the sanctity of ‘Priscilla Presley (Moon Version)’. Heck yes. Look for more from LYCHNIS.

Richard Grey & Marcos Carnaval – Take You Higher Baby

Richard Grey and Marcos Carnaval ‘Take You Higher Baby’ and brings mega-house offerings back up on the stage for all to enjoy. Constructed around the vocal sample of ‘You Are My Love’ by Sandy Mercer, the duo takes and double flips soul into the new age of modern house music. Dance your tails off, as this single will get your sorry butt up and shimmying like your future girlfriend wants you to by her gaze. Oh and what a gaze she has, mate. Bass, horns, drums – the classic blend of sounds meld together for a fantastic good ol’ time.

Ohmfield – Habitual Cold

From the shades, she walked towards the future reflections. The neon lights of her gaze, bounced and attracted every part of his own soul. He reached out to console his own heart, by proxy, through her supple and soft skin. But as magic, he could not touch her, for she seemed invisible to his tactile mannerisms. He tried once more to caress with all of his might, but this reality prevented that from happening. His confusion multiplied, he sulked at the one perceived chance of redemption – at least feeling that electric comfort of her body. He was again, in the shadow of his own making – cold, alone, and desperate as ever. Ohmfield stated: “This track was created as a contemplative piece for coming to terms with loss and the prolonged feeling of cold that can follow.”

ELD – Vielleicht

Dark and grimy, ‘Vielleicht’ is an archaic visage of synth and masks, forged in the fires of your mind. Never relenting, and oh so very apologetic, the 80’s trinkets of insinuations and suggestions waft through like cologne of the spiraling crevasse. The ups and downs of realities, vigor through a mass of arpeggios, rancorous only by the silent but ever present anomalies, of your consciousness and deep appreciation. Off of the GOLV collection, the electro-indie sounds drenched in synth-wave palpability, the movements drive sensuality to the core of it all. This dark-synth emblem, spirals into the outer limits, hitting ceilings of screams and buzzes of the un-known.


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