All Things Blue ‘CHAD’ : Happily drenched in an irreverential vision in revelry.

All Things Blue

All Things Blue is a Psychedelic indie-rock band lead by frontwoman India Coombs. And in ‘CHAD’, a caustic intelligence in music bubbles to the fore with that unique effervescence indicated by India’s vocals and tantric frame of pop. An unnerving happiness comes with the territory, where you feel it enveloping your sense of self; while being happily drenched in an irreverential vision in revelry.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles from Allentown Pennsylvania, India teamed up with bassist/producer Jon Joseph. Together the two create a combination of “Whatever the fuck we want” kind of music. With influences like Tame Impala, Mgmt, SpaceFace, Morgan Delt, and Warpaint, All Things Blue sticks to its alternative roots, but incorporates sounds from different genres such as hip-hop, r&b, and folk.

‘CHAD’ is one of those behemoths in charm and ‘whatever’.

Suits them nicely, indeed.

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New song out now 💙 Linky in da bio ✨

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