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Touch me where it counts. And from there we’ll fly off on a fantasy of your making. My procurement. Our decadence, prescribed by the other side of sanity. “Fear touches on my daily lethargy and the desire to let it go. I really enjoy playing this song live because it’s sexy…” Luis Felber is ALLTHINGSMATA, and he brings the dark-sexy on the premises and just sprays his love all around. We all gladly suck it up dry, with anticipation and fervor. Listen to his vocals. Listen to its urges. Listen, carefully.

Sis – Nightie

SIS is a project that is just glorious. Led by Jenny Gillespie Mason from the city of San Francisco, teams up with percussionist Andrew Maguire, bassist Doug Stuart, guitarist Carly Bond, percussionist Brijean Murphy and producer/multi-instrumentalist engineer Rob Shelton, to create magnificent obelisks of silent but deadly pebble of musical thought like ‘Nightie’. It’s an emblem for the larger than life exposition and the spirituality lined hammocks underneath some far off galaxy. The elegant feel and vibe is textual and poignant to the n-th degree. ‘Nightie’ is the first song off of their upcoming 2nd album.

Wylder – Ready to Break

Slipstreaming his way to her existence, he gave her a peck on her nose. She was surprised, with glee. Then they held hands and double-jumped to their next destination. They loved being together. Everyone was jealous of their love for each other. Their direction in life was clear and all of their energies were poured into that endeavor. Will we be this happy forever? Are we ready give this a go? Will you be there forever with me? “Yes.” WYLDER combines contemporary indie-rock with the pop attitude, both flourescent and shimmering. The band consists of singer/guitarist Will McCarry, the group quickly grew to include Lonnie Southall (guitar/mandolin), Mike Pingley (drums), and Jackson Wright (bass/piano).

Lizzy Gunn – Welcome to the End

LIZZY GUNN’s single ‘Welcome To The End’ is a classic country music diddy, filled with heartaches and heartbreaks, dipped in the chocolate pop glaze of Lizzy’s unique vocal oscillations. It hooks with solum look at life’s little pangs, which includes the fissures caused by unfulfilled relationships. The promise of a better life, from now and till eternity, constituted sincerity that ultimately never materialized. But Lizzy has hope. And with the sun setting on one, another opportunity opens with another. It’s the cost of being in love.

BATTS – Mars

BATTS is here to supply the awe. She sure did that in our first encounter with the Melbourne singer/songwriter. Now the songstress is ready to release her upcoming debut album (2019). She continues to take us on a harmony filled Universe with ‘Mars’. And the best thing that is about BATTS is her voice. The sultry and earthy sonic experience, contextualizes with the brush of color sweeping over the plains of a beautiful sea cliff. “Mars is a song written about a futuristic relationship between someone who lives on Earth and someone who lives on Mars,” BATTS explains. “However, it can relate to long distance relationships anywhere in the present, or even feeling distant and disconnected to someone sitting right next to you.” We love how she thinks and communicates her essence for a song. Beautiful stuff. Simply.


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