Alluvial Fans ‘Blowout/Future Games’ : Understated reserves of your soul, and casts it in the wind in romping bop.

Alluvial Fans

Fourth single, ‘Blowout/Future Games’, from their album, ‘Earth To Astronaut’ (out now), resurrects what fun and a rousing good time could be. Fast paced riveting chords, ravished by the cordial but aggressive vocals, the song collects the understated reserves of your soul, and casts it in the wind in romping bop.

“Who is charging miscellaneous fees” and a resolution that, “I won’t suffer unnecessarily.”

The track climaxes with layered distorted feedback and driving drums. While maybe not as thrash-y and riff-y as tracks such as ‘Catharsis Now!’ and ‘Falafel’, ‘Blowout / Future Games’ is a great representation of the “no-chaser rock ‘n’ roll” side of Alluvial Fans.

Based out of Detroit, Michigan. It is the brainchild of Drew Bartosik (guitar, vocals), who began writing music for the first album, ‘Lag Air’, in 2015.

Influences begin with the ethos and energy of Detroit garage rock from the 1960s onward from the Stooges and MC5 up to The White Stripes. The independent rock movement of the 1980s and 1990s also has a big influence on the group, from bands like Pavement, the Meat Puppets, Wipers, Sonic Youth, Guided by Voices, the Breeders and Fugazi. The band finds a sonic aesthetic among contemporary artists such as Pile, Speedy Ortiz, Peaer and (Sandy) Alex G. Numerous jazz, electronic, classical and world music composers contribute to the equation of Alluvial Fans.

Alluvial Fans merges high-energy rock ‘n’ roll and punk with indie, pop and jazz sensibilities.

You don’t think you’d move to the music. But you do. And that’s just the crux of it all, ain’t it?

Listen. Be fans of Alluvial Fans.

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