ALMA ‘LA Money’ : Ultimately her work reveals a tougher and savvy self.

ALMA / Photo: Jai Shaw (ATCNY)

Finnish pop punk supremo ALMA shares her brand single today ‘LA Money’ alongside the release of her debut album ‘Have U Seen Her?’

“‘LA Money’ is the core of this album,” said ALMA. “It’s a story about my life at the time. I felt like I was somewhere I didn’t want to be, making music I didn’t want to make, everyone had me wrong. Writing ‘LA Money’ was like a release, after it everything started to flow out and make sense. I knew I had to move on, make music that made me happy and live my life how I wanted to.”

“My childhood wasn’t very easy. Growing up with both of my parents poorly and struggling through school, I felt like I was invisible and didn’t have a voice a lot of the time. I think that’s why at night I used to have this recurring dream that my sister and I ran away. We’d go to the same place every time, a fantasy land full of giant blue flowers, butterflies and pink mountains. I fell in love with that place and never wanted to wake up.”

Ultra talent and surging to become a phenomenon in her category, ALMA’s got the pizzazz, the gumption, and wherewithal to keep it real and fantastic. Her music is genuine with tales of personal struggles and confusion. But ultimately her work reveals a tougher and savvy self, which we get to enjoy listening to, today.

“As I got older and the pressure of living in the public eye grew, that dream came back to me. The idea of running away, leaving everything and finding that quiet, calm, safe space replayed in my brain again and again, especially while I was making this album.”

“My world had turned upside down. From feeling invisible, suddenly everyone wanted to know where I was, what I was doing and when, always asking ¨Have U Seen Her?¨. I thought it was ironic, especially abbreviated ‘HUSH’.”

“I haven’t found the pink mountains or the giant blue flowers yet, but I have found a happier place through making music, somewhere I want to be. I have people around me that really see me and care about what I have to say, it feels like a miracle sometimes.”

Her journey begins now. We all should take a ride.


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