Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet / Google company, wants to re-build ‘the city’. And it will with Toronto.

Sidewalk Labs (a subsidiary of Alphabet – the umbrella company of Google), wants to build the concept of a city, differently.

“GOOGLE HAS BUILT an online empire by measuring everything. Clicks. GPS coordinates. Visits. Traffic. The company’s resource is bits of info on you, which it mines, packages, repackages, repackages again, and then uses to sell you stuff. Now it’s taking that data-driven world-building power to the real world. Google is building a city.” – Wired.

This is a joint venture between Sidewalk Labs and the city of Toronto (Canada).

The project will effect, first, Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront, beginning with the creation of Quayside.

“This will be a fully Google-fied neighborhood, built from scratch, with a touch of Canadian flavor”, reported Wired.

Below is the map of the waterfront:

Sidewalk Toronto
SWT Press Release

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