AM Higgins ‘Who Can Say?’ : Dance in the shadowed darkness of secrets divine.

AM Higgins

Annie Higgins heads this project AM Higgins, and through it, the most supple of love and affection flow. The essence of care and delight, dwell in the rolling edges of the single ‘Who Can Say?’. And when Annie sings its inviting hues, your deepened intentions, dance in the shadowed darkness of secrets divine.

Said Annie: “I wrote this song as an experiment with what a modern-day hymn might sound like, a song to bring comfort, a balm for the listener. I feel a warmth and a peace when I sing and want the listener to experience that too.”

A trip back into another decade is evident, with chimes of cross-road possibilities and journeys of self examination. A truculent side-effect in maturation and gospel of the here and now.

The American songwriter/composer living in southwest France, stayed after a flight from her native Chicago. She drove her car down a street with no outlet in a 15th century village, got it stuck, liked what she saw, there she lives this day. Her first release in a new land with a new name resulted in ‘Who Can Say?’.

Lovely indeed.

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