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Amanda Winterhalter Shares ‘What’s This Death’.

‘What’s This Death’ comes at us from the voice of AMANDA WINTERHALTER’s booming attitude and irresistible pallet of musical excellence. The single is in part, a concept, and a story that contiguously lunges at finality and the ultimate appeal.

Deeper and deeper, the rabbit hole extends. It ravels into coils of deceit, and dark humor, as the propensity for what’s real and not of this earth, comes to light. There upon a shining hill, a band of artists, dwell on protecting what’s right of this tender existence. Accepting and bemoaning of what colors the deception, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright with promise, after a long toil in bumps and life’s inevitable bruises.

Off of the album of the same name, Amanda’s reflection on her childhood’s journey in an evangelical, conservative community, and then to adult life outside of that sanctum, lays down the links that blossomed her personal leads in discovery and person growth.

A road that continues.

But with each renewed victory, new an more wonderful visions come true.

Another chapter awaits.

See her and her band next at The Royal Room in Seattle, August 16th.



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