Ámaris Wen ‘Perception’ : Each galaxy of emotions start with one heart, one feel.

Ámaris Wen

Ámaris Alexandra Wen (also known as “Ámaris”) is a London-based recording artist, actress, and songwriter.

Ámaris’ skills in combining genres such as nu soul, R&B, and electronic have defined her music as being genre-defying. “Creativity is my fuel”, said Ámaris. “I can rely on it. I’d say that this is probably my actual skill.”

From dance to music, from introspection to self expression – Ámaris wants the world to know each galaxy of emotions start with one heart, one feel. A private existence of mixed curiosities and loving grace. When a relationship is going down hill, there’s nothing that can stop it. Outside intervention, can only make it worse.

Could they understand?

Ámaris Wen ponders that in ‘Perception’.

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