Amazon Key: Would you let Amazon have access to your front door keys?

Amazon’s perennial fight against ‘shipping logistics’ challenges continues with their latest project named Amazon Key. It’s a service that gives a customer of an Amazon sold product, the app power and option to have an Amazon delivery personnel enter one’s front door and leave the item Inside the home.

This service aims to take advantage of their Amazon Flex program and can be advantageous in shielding the item from the neighborhood, weather, etc. This is because from packaging to door delivery, more than ever before, will be directly controlled & managed by Amazon.

Sounds like a good idea?

Well time will tell.

However, leaving that for future discussions, to qualify for this service, there are certain rules that apply.

Want to see if you qualify? Read below.

Here are the steps:
(1) Must be an Amazon Prime member
(2) Purchase of the Amazon Key In-Home Kit is necessary
(3) A compatible door
(4) Live in one of the supported areas

Here’s the system intro video from Amazon:

Eligibility description (Amazon)
The Verge

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