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Amazon vs. Brick-and-Mortar retail. No contest.

So, it’s been very hard for brick-mortar retailers in the past decade and a half. How hard has it really been?

We all been tuned to in the recent past of how the brick-mortar / big-box chains would die off, but depending on what angle one looks at it, the big-box chains, like Walmart, Target, Lord&Taylor, etc, have kind of stabilized.

As the charts have indicated with their “hybrid” technology, the online strategies for them have worked. But the same big problem exists, which is the “overhead” or the heavy expense of maintaining physical store locations.

Amazon, not so much.

It’s been tearing into the big-box retailers year-by-year and gaining even more confidence from the stock market and its investors.

Below are some charts and graphs that demonstrate the impact of Amazon and in the market. Amazon is now the gorilla-in-the-room and dominates.



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