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Amelle Rose Shares ‘Fire’. “Failure to rise is just an entry to a bigger future.”

AMELLE ROSE is a 22 year-old French-born alternative indie folk singer-songwriter based in Bristol.

In ‘Fire’, it’s all about the chorus. You can feel what it was like, just listening to the delicate changes and vibrant angst of it all.

The failure to rise within a relationship is the norm in this world of surprises. And when ‘Fire’ is playing, from the lyrics and the artfully delectable hooks, cast that motion for doing something about what ailed you.

“Despite being a breakup song, Fire is a spirited pop-rock anthem that will get the crowds chanting along. Supported by energetic electric guitars and cheery gang vocals, the lyrics broadcast a finger-pointing sassy attitude. Overall, ‘Fire’ depicts a form of post-breakup denial and the urge to look back and excessively pick out flaws in the other party of an unsuccessful relationship. It’s a celebratory track, with a hint of bittersweetness.”

Higher callings for what you REALLY can be, is the anthem of ‘Fire’.

Lost the desire? No.

Don’t be.

There are more exhilarating things to come for you.

Her debut album ‘I Prayed For Peace’, drops early 2020.



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