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American Darlings – Roll With Me

American Darlings’ Roll With Me is a love song, wrapped in a peppery cinnamon shaving layer – all rocked with some pop rock riffs and lots and lots of montage. This is a fun song.

You know.


And when we say montage, it could fit in a 90’s sit-com or a movie of the week.

It’s so wholesome in its presentation and aesthetics.

And when we say a ‘montage’, we’re talking about in a possible ‘coming of age’ movie, with a character that finds himself – not of what he’d been taught, but of what his future ambitions deemed.

Self assured and self reliant – the rogue of a young man sets out to do damage in the world.

“I will be, what I wanna be.”

Oh, and by the way, in our version of this, we all are drinking Natural Light beers, while talking to the girls at the sorority. Then that wall of beer at the fraternity, collapses.

But that collapse of the wall, pushes the party-going guys to save the beautiful gals from disaster.

And then what happens?

Well, they get A’s in their mid terms- that what!


No. They all make out.

Lastly, but not least, the boy who found his calling – conquers the world. Period.

Anywho, we were surprised how much we like American Darlings. Their other works are fab as well, and as nostalgic sounding.

We dig it lots.

Check them out.

They’re rep’ed by Wiener Records and Willie Cry Records.



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