Amerie Shares Video For ‘Curious’. “ the vibes enthrall and mesmerize.”

AMERIE returns with new music and new attitudes. ‘Curious’ is a sultry r&b contemporary offering, which highlights Amerie’s soulful presentation and inviting atmosphere.

The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, producer and writer continues her track as she follows up with her 2016 ‘Drive’. Her surprise albums ‘4AM Mulholland’ and ‘After 4AM’ keeps the ball rolling as the sultry pop start throws some sense into the scene.

Daughter of a Korean Artist and an American military officer, the Massachusetts raised AMERIE has been doing her thing for many a years.

Her single ‘1 Thing’ exploded and garnered much popularity around the world. Most of us got to know her through this exciting offering in 2009. Her powerfully driven vocals lay the extra layer to her singles, as the vibes enthrall and mesmerize.



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