Ami LIME ‘Deep End’ : Particular ambience. Utmost importance of story. Labor of love and passion.


Ami LIME’s single ‘Deep End’ is a six-plus minute song that is simply off the beaten path, but oh so very beautiful in its own way. Ami’s vocals first come into play, as the story telling begins in earnest in the song. And as it progresses, her emotional honesty peeks out for the unveiling. A cosmic vocal peak comes at the chorus, accompanied by the odd creaks and attentions, that just wholly work in pushing the issue.

“I wrote this after getting through a really hard point in my life, having to deal with some things that I can never let go of, but I can at least learn to be okay with,” stated Ami LIME.

It’s the story that is of the utmost importance for Ami LIME.

Amelia, the woman behind this fantastically cosmic single, is the gravity that attracts ears of a particular ambience. And when you’re in, the examining frame of the song, with interlaced electro drums, to the lyrical contempt, the length of the song is the Perfect length to tell such a tale.

Mix of early SEAL and something that is folk-emo, Amelia soaks in the sun, and has the ability to radiate with such genuine talent of communication.

It’s a labor of love, which you can feel and love to hear. ‘Deep End’ will take some getting used to for most, but it is, as mentioned, a formidable pallet of words and notes working in harmony, in its natural habitat.



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