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Among The Acres // Sam Animal // Owen Gallagher // Sarah Buckley // Payton Gin

Among The Acres – Moon On Fire

AMONG THE ACRES touches as ‘Moon On Fire’ comes from the crystal clear stream of life and love’s experiences. The 4 piece band from Hartford, Connecticut is a folk framed eclectic range of style, emanating as a wind beneath our wings. The powerfully expressed vocals sets up the indefinable relevance of the beautifully guitar driven aura of the song. The traditionally pop piece, is the second single on their debut lP ‘Looking In’ (March 2019). Real voice, real music, cemented in emotions we can relate to – that is what AMONG THE ACRES represents. The band consists of: Michael Day, Sean Lemkey, Erik Lindblad, and Greg Ganci.

Sam Animal – Lurch

In the best tradition of bands like Kings Of Leon, SAM ANIMAL’s single ‘Lurch’ is just a defacto fun-filled extravaganza. Samuel Powell, Rufus Pollard
and Kieta Bennetts recorded this first single in a “16th century library, featuring John Porter ( The Smiths, Roxy Music ) manning production.” Interesting ain’t it? The trio makes for a compelling live session to, as we imagine this single being a fan favorite, as it harnesses the right rhythms as it drives down broadway, passing out guitar licks and lyrical mantras. ‘Lurch’ is off of their latest released full album ‘Powers’. It’s available now.

Owen Gallagher – Vampire

Soaring? Yes. Heck yes. OWEN GALLAGHER’s single ‘Vampire’ is a delectable oddity, in that it is a beautiful rock ballad, with the distinction of a vocals, which in combination is nostalgic and emphatic at the same time. The London based musician from Dublin, Ireland ventures out with ‘Vampire’ in seeking out he hopes and dreams of unsolicited evenings and palpable salutations of the morning there-after. Making sure of the lyrical attention to detail, the fun single really kicks your heart into gear, as the innocence portrayed, grasps and holds.

Sarah Buckley – You’ve Got Me

SARAH BUCKLEY’s ‘You’ve Got Me’ is the first debut single for the songstress from Cork, now based in Dublin, Ireland. She started to record her demos in music college. And through those demos she’s performed for RTE television, RTE’s Reflecting On The Rise live event, with mentions in the John Murray’s RTE radio show. Ambition is her middle name, as her talents in story telling is a part of her DNA and is expressed with a touch of caress within each syllable. She’s been on a tear in 2019 so far and looking to keep the ball rolling, fast and furious. As her delicately put pronouncements in her singles keep her at the forefront, we look forward to hearing her on even greater stages.

Payton Gin – He Saw Me Go Insane

PAYTON GIN’s single ‘He Saw Me Go Insane’ is about “Liv (the lead vocalist) visiting New York City with her boyfriend and trying LSD.” Isn’t that wack? And stupendously wonderful?? Boston originating, the band is lead by some kick-ass group of musicians who, as the song hints, don’t give a f*ck about what others think. Their music is on top of their priority list and the guitar licks reminiscent of psychedelic bands of a long past decade, kicks your heart racing. Liv’s vocals, although under-stated in this single, still manages (mysteriously) to give the full 360 degrees of emotions and candid remarks that a song with words should. The desperate phases to the surprised rationality, is written and baked into the single. This song’s a trip. And so is this band. It consists of: Liv Field, Huxley Kulhmann, Mylan Vogels, Kaleb Harrison, and Cole Hancock.


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