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AMONG THE ACRES Shares ‘Falling’. “Fall in love with falling in love, again.”

Fall in love again, with falling in love. Let the stunningly classic and shiningly bright love song ‘Falling’ get you, and your better part of you, in the mood for the best time of your lives.

‘Falling’ is the first single put out by the band, consisting of Michael Day (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Banjo), Sean Lemkey (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Erik Lindblad (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), and Greg Ganci (Bass, Vocals).

Based out of Hartford, Connecticut, the quartet’s single is a decadent and heartfelt dissertation and cry for the best in all of us. And sometimes the best in all of us, comes as another. The two mix, as the alchemy of love and practicality induces the strength of each to be bigger, and larger than life.

‘Falling’ is a promise to that love, where it’s not acceptable to let the chance go, without a fight.

“I’m Fallin’, Im Fallin’ Harder
Than I’ve Ever Known
I’m Fallin’, Im Fallin’ Hard”

With harmonies hitting all cylinder of emotions, this maiden single from the gang breaks open the hardest of icy hearts. It melts your senses to find love again, where ever it might be. It breaks open our crusty and cynical skins, battered by our modern world.

Look for many good things to come their way. Look for more from AMONG THE ACRES.

Their debut LP ‘Looking In’ will drop March 2019, with an accompanying north-east U.S. tour.



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