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Among The Automated – Just As It’s Meant To

NIN? Industrial? Heck yes. AMONG THE AUTOMATED is that combination done right. The darkness is a pre-requisite. The grungy lyrical hymns of depth and emotional toil, is demanded. Synthesizer madness drops in the methodical and surgical anthem, that kills you. Mike Rideout is the one man mind behind this striding single ‘Just As It’s Meant To’. Written, recorded, mixed, mastered – the brilliantly seducing sublimation of a song is decadent like Reznor to the world. Combination is done right.

DIY HIFI – Half Hearted

Off of his debut self-titled EP, the project DIY HIFI is the pallet of colorful paintings, painted by Ian Bevis. Vancouver based artist comes at us with ‘Half Hearted’ and the flow of hues and good vibes come at full force. The delicate and delightful vocals of Ian, just bears the full frontal honesty that is beautiful to listen to. Airy in aura, the musician/producer of Bear Mountain fame gives his latest project a distinctive and palpable ambience in indie-rock goodness.

Sleep Tactics – Don’t Protect Yourself

Dan Smith and Matt Weber make up this noise-rock fabulousness they named SLEEP TACTICS. A vision in black-and-blue, the hauntingly sung, anthems of degradation and impudence in life-living, it casts the right amount of flavor and tactile insurgence to keep every brain cell of your skull engaged and excited. With hard-rock and surf, mangled in delightful tinges of progressive ambience, ‘Don’t Protect yourself’ delivers with two fists into your solar plexus and never moans about not getting the right sauce from the drive-through. Bassist Josh Taylor joined and completes the trio pact. Self titled LP drops in August. Look out!

Johnny & the Man Kids – That’s Different

Brothers John and Tyler Marciniak formed JOHNNY & THE MAN KIDS back in 2014. The band is completed with Andy Pszonak and Alex Bogart, and when they play, the sounds of The Shins and Arctic Monkeys blare off of their own blend of flavor. The naked guitar strings, rake at the back of your neck, and with songs like ‘That’s Different’, that notion of inner ‘doom’ never reveals, nor admits to such personal chaos. The rockin’ good time of T&TMK is what it is and you can feel that vibe from the first chord. ‘That’s Different’ is about ‘fake confidence’. Confidence is good. But you’d better be ‘genuine’ to defend yourself about being real and honest. Besides most girls want that in a man, no? That’s another topic, for another time. Word.

Kazyak – Camouflage

The upcoming album ‘Odyssey’ is a “more rugged, forward-looking and psychedelic than our past releases. It’s the first record we’ve recorded live, and is channeling inspiration from Patagonia and themes from Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth. It attempts to capture the desire to explore and to take the listener to the edge of discovery.” Yep. Psychedelic rock is here with a vengeance with the gang in KAZYAK. ‘Camouflage’ is a insipid attempt to describe the profound realization unto one’s own self-applauding and duplicating. Recorded live, KAZYAK’s album is slated to dig even deeper into the realms of auditory experimentation. The aim is to trigger off the vastness of the listener, and with ‘Camouflage’, it’s one of those offerings that will satisfy.


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