AN HORSE Provides Some Tasty Kick Of A Song In Single ‘Get Out Somehow’.

Refreshing is what AN HORSE is all about. And ‘Get Out Somehow’ does that deal at the highest. Imagine you’re in Summer (which we’re nearly at in the US) and see yourself and your partner (and maybe a dog) driving down that highway of relaxation and low stress expectations. It’s a drive that you’d wanted for a long time and needed. The wind in your hair (if in a convertible) and with the shoreline of your future, just up ahead.

The road is long, but you can hack it.

The road will be bumpy, but it can be managed.

As long as the ride is with the ones you care about and weird and funny stories are shared together. The warmth of those often times sharp and painful parts of life, can be overcome. Overcome with glamorous dignity and ingenuity. You are what you are, but there’s no rule to being, living, and evolving. Learning the trade of ‘life’ is the fun that can keep on giving.

AN HORSE consists of Kate Cooper and Damon Cox.



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