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Anabelle Kay Shares ‘Nightmare Of A Dream’. “You’ve Never Broken Me. You Never Will.”

You’ve never broken me. You never will. You will break that ridiculousness, before you break my soul, my heart, my confidence. How dare you try to do so, in the first place. Do you hear my lioness roar?

It’s what makes me, the person that I am.

I bend with the wind.

Don’t waste my time again.

I love you. This isn’t a declaration of breaking off with you.

It is a plea for you to work with me, be better to me, be the love who I fell in love with.

Why is that so hard for you??

Come to me. We deserve each other.

But you must change.

For the better.

Do it quick. Before the bow breaks, within our hazards.

ANABELLE KAY’s voice is honesty itself. The expression of doubt and contrasted by a bubbling strength, make the painting of relationships and sentiments, real and heartfelt. The Central Coast (Australia) native deliciously chants her folk & blues based songwriting to where she thinks she should be. And within this single ‘Nightmare Of A Dream’, she continues to show her prowess of telling the stories, she deems poignant and delicately poised for audience.

This single is about Anabelle’s trials and tribulations, but it has a way of stating something relating to our own daily hardships and mis-fortunes. It can be turned around, though, with mental toughness and focus; with friends and support systems; with you and yours.

Let’s keep that in mind.



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