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Analog Dog Shares ‘Product Pivot’. “Flowing like your best gals’ beautiful brown hair.”

Andy Strong

‘Product Pivot’ is the debut single from fantastic psyche-prog band, ANALOG DOG. Lovely, jazzy at times, and flowing like your best gals’ beautiful brown hair, the band’s electric vibes in a complete analog presentation is something to witness.

There are two parts to this single. First, it’s the air of being refreshing. Taking the classic formula of good ol’ 60’s rock, they managed to cleverly offer some very compelling sorts of emotional nourishment. Two: they meld tinge of style from bands like Chicago, Rush, and dip those sensibilities, perfectly and radically into their own secret sauce of blends.

The final cut is a fabulously wealthy vibe of audible rationale that just pings around your eardrums with fascinating curiosity and fun.

What ever it may be, ANALOG DOG makes you pop out of our seat and scream like you were the biggest fanboy/girl in the world.

This band is a the fusion of two San Francisco bands, The Tangelos and Pretty in Between.

As the band recounted: “The seeds of this new sound were planted on a snowy winter weekend at an AirBnb in Groveland, CA, when a last minute gig cancellation left both bands with two days and an empty house that was already paid for. With icy roads preventing even the pizza delivery guy from reaching the house, the gents had little choice but to dive into an all-day and all-night jam session. Sparks flew, and when the weekend was over there was a definitive sense that a new vehicle was forming. In the weeks and months that followed, members of both bands merged to follow this new sound and write songs that drew on the diverse musical backgrounds each artist brought to the table.”

See this new musical force next at Milk Bar San Francisco September 27th.



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