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ANCESTORS Share Visuals for ‘Gone’. LP ‘Suspended In Reflections’ Drops August 24th.

Los Angeles Trio dropped this emotive music video for their new single ‘Gone’. The song is off of the upcoming new LP (in 6 whole years!) ‘Suspended In Reflections’ and it’s a glorious raking of the heart’s desire for salvation.


Yep. Salvation.

Drowning in sorrow is the best way to describe it. And the direction of the music video depicts, just that. With the rhythms of the single pertaining to your insignificance and paraphrasing the core of the incompetent self – it reduces to the basic remnants.

This is their 5th album.

Justin Maranga, “The most important change was the removal of ego from the writing and recording process. We tried to step out from behind our respective instruments to write the best album we could. We made a beautiful record as a team.”

Worth looking into the single?

Heck yes.



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