Ancient Babies Shares New Album ‘Put Me Back in the Sunshine’. Hip-ness, ensues.

“Gonzo theatrical disco indie prog rock.” That’s how Ancient Babies describe their new EP ‘put Me Back In The Sunshine’. And that’s exactly how the Universe should be.

Ben Morss is the head evangelist for his project ‘Ancient Babies’. He’s a veteran music man who always want to expand into new gulfs of music possibilities. This time, he wanted his audience to dance (even more). The electronic and drama of the songs on this latest EP helps it easy to get up and make it easier to shake those hips. Yes. Those hips of yours. When was the last time you moved them up and down (ehem, on the living room floor fyi)?

It’s a fun EP, for sure. Enjoy it. Absorb it. You deserve it.

Good for your skin.

After all, it was made wholly by Ben, in his home.


Morss is part of Onward Chariots, as well.


He’s rep’ed by the folks at Mint400.


Get Me out of This Party
You Didn’t Know Me
Put Me Back in the Sunshine
Rolling like the River

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