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Andalou-Dog // Bootstraps // Djunah // Hannah Connolly // Angelo Badalamenti

Andalou-Dog – Glucose

Andalou-Dog is the new project by the multi-instrumentalist and producer Andy Caruso. Producing surrealist electro-rock music is the M.O. of Andy’s current realm of career pushing singularities. Your future death of reality is within the vexing folds of ‘Glucose’. The staggered and arisen sensitivities deliver unfair balances of light and dark, as your inhibitions bend as light across the shimmer of a spectrum. In a division of color, ‘Glucose’ is a hauntingly beautiful and engaging single. Andy said: “‘Glucose’ is a song written and produced in London during June 2017, at the end of a challenging spring.”

Bootstraps – Evergreen

Bootstraps is Jordan Beckett, an American musician, singer and songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Under the moniker Bootstraps, Jordan has released two studio albums, Bootstraps and Homage, and one EP, To Each His Own. Jordan recruited old friends Dave Quon and Nathan Warkentin of We Barbarians, to play on his self-titled debut album, ‘Guiltfree’. The Los Angeles artist cultures beckoning of loneliness and ultimate salvation from relations of growth and possibilities. Forever is forever in the Universe of ‘Evergreen’. There can never be changes to how the love of your life, or of the future of your wantings, can ever change. Beautiful presentation of anthem and a promise of heart.

Djunah – Nurse and Nun

Djunah’s debut album ‘Ex Voto’ on November 1st. ‘Ex Voto’ is a full-force barrage of emotional expressions of deep pain, intense sexuality, and personal and political power. We’d stated about Djunah: “From diabolically gradient visions of despair, to the walk into the white hot light at the end of the tunnel, the song bears fruit in all consuming hell-fire, as Donna Diane pulls off again, and again, as the shimmering roar of the beast that exists underneath her shiny coat of goodness.” Donna with her bandmate and drummer, Nick Smalkowski, “the balance of power, that bewitches, delivers with unpretentious, unyielding, and uncompromising certitude and gravity.” That hasn’t changed on iota. That has been bolstered even further. Donna rules the Universe through her songs, her voice, her gravity. ‘Nurse And Nun’ is another powerful anti-thesis to anything that moves. You dead amongst the living. With Djunah, you’re alright with that.

Hannah Connolly – From Where You Are

“This was one of the first songs written for the album and it speaks to how I felt in the days and months after losing Cullen. In the midst of shock and disbelief, life felt like a strange dream. The whole world was turned upside down and none of it made sense. One of the most vivid memories I have from that time was standing in the desert and looking up at the stars.” Connolly is reminiscent of the songwriting bravery of artists like Kacey Musgraves and Julien Baker. And in ‘From Where You Are’, utilizing the beautifully poignant frame of Americana-country, Hannah describes the days after the loss of her brother. A soul soaking vision of rain droplets caress your being, as the supple vocals of Hannah’s personality fully embraces your heart and thoughts. The lovely singer/songwriter captures your emotions with exacting perfection. Originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, her breath of expediency in her choices of words, calculate gorgeously, in how she wants to tell her stories. Shimmering with optimism in a sea of negativity, her glow protects our listening sensibilities – to live and learn and fight another day.

Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme (Cover by bensnburner)

bensnburner is the project of bassist and producer Ben Krahl. Since his debut album 2012 the project changed from one-man home-recording to an interdisciplinary networking of different artists. “My new album ‘noclip’ was recorded in an empty 400 square meter hangar with 30 meters high ceiling just to let the sound breath as much as possible. The 7sec-reverb inspired to dig deeper into the world of floating atmospheres and ambient drones. The production is packed with solo-driven moods along with synth and pedalboard-spirit, heavy post-rock tracks in a classic band-setup as well as experimental collaborations with different artists, bringing in their own way to get along with this very different recording situation.” TWIN PEAKS will forever be a part of American pop culture. We just think bensburner has done it justice in this fascinatingly produced cover.


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