Andrea Franz ‘Stupid Nerves’ : Like a hot cup of tea, Andrea’s vocals, delight in the best of traditions.

Andrea Franz

Andrea Franz’ single ‘Stupid Nerves’ finds out the most delicate of you and all of us. The supple pop goodness of it all, lovingly delight with absolute charms and smile inducing danceability.

“This song talks about the anxiety you feel when you try to express yourself in front of others. All the practicing you did in your room helped… but, as soon as you as you are in from of others, it becomes very uncomfortable and nerve wracking.”

Mexican-American, the artist from Southern California started releasing songs in 2016 and has since been based in Mexico City.

Like a hot cup of tea, Andrea’s vocals, delight in the best of traditions. With nostalgia bringing the embraceable colors, ‘Stupid Nerves’ is a trek towards salvation.

Let’s love. Let’s dance.

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