Andrew Brassell ‘Imposter Syndrome’ : Excitement in subtleties.

Andrew Brassell / Photo: Alicia Veglia

Nashville born but Los Angeles residing, composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Brassell has spent the past decade releasing solo albums under the moniker of Slowmotions. Honing his signature guitar sound, playing (recording and producing with the likes of Susanna Hoffs, The Haden Triplets, Jon Brion, Fred Armisen, Belinda Carlisle, The Section Quartet, and many more), the work he’s put in has given him a distinct perspective musical fulfillment and sonic annotation that he treasures.

‘Imposter Syndrome’ is a curtailment of such ridiculous inhibitions, but adjunct, professes like a heart that has seen love for the very first time. A love that caresses trepidation but warrants total freedom from the mainstream mores, gazing with open mind and soul, diving off into the pool of the unknown.

Excitement in subtleties, indeed.

Andrew Brassell is here, he’s 35 now, and will continue digging at our pop souls with his offering of goodness.



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