Andrew Cushin ‘Waiting For The Rain’ (Video) : Andrew accepts that challenge. As he now knows, he’s always done.

Andrew Cushin

Newcomer Andrew Cushin is quickly building a reputation in an old school, word-of-mouth style. A strong following in his hometown of Newcastle saw him sell out The Cluny before officially releasing any music, while his debut single ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’ introduced his talents to a wider audience.

‘Waiting For The Rain’ is the very first song that Andrew wrote when he was just 15-years-old.

It was inspired by tumultuous events. After witnessing a family argument, upset Andrew ran off to a friend’s house where he explained what happened in the garden. The song’s hook captures the vulnerability of that moment in devastatingly candid fashion: “I’m hanging by the fire, the flames are raising higher, I’m waiting for the rain.”

The ‘Waiting For The Rain’ video captures Andrew in his hometown environment. Downstairs in St. Peter’s Social Club, it’s business as usual: football blares from the TV and darts thud against the board as talk from the regulars fills the air. Meanwhile Andrew is performing in the function room upstairs, captivating an intimate audience with nothing more than his voice, a guitar and his stories of his life in the local area.

Contencious and filled with trepidation, we get a peek into the mind and heart of a boy – a life – a slice of desperation. And through all the rain and darkness, he finds solace through the words of his emotions, put onto paper. A universe of possibilities, on a bumpy and sometimes unpredictable road.

Andrew accepts that challenge. As he now knows, he’s always done.


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