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Andrew Fox Shares ‘Shock by Shock’ Off Of Debut LP March 22nd.

Tonje Thilesen

ANDREW FOX is releasing his debut album. This year. March 22nd. And that should be a fun moment in time. For his pop, soul, indie fascinations, encapsulated in his decadent songs, keep you engaged in multiplicities of textures and just lots of fun.

The title track, comes at us with no pretentious algorithms about love or the subsequence of the lacking habits that maintains that status quo. But it relegates those bundled sentiments to a soulful grace, through sax, hi-hat, and percussions, as the driving force the good of all.

Andrew’s palpable instructions, keep the ship tuned, as his ship of notes, sail into a vastness of a space and time, only our individual selves can describe. As the questions of political aspirations in the United States amplify, reverberating world wide, Andrew seeks some answers, by asking the right questions.

With words or with just vibe, ‘Shock By Shock’ intensifies our lust for what’s to come – personal, macro, Universal.

‘Shock By Shock’ was constructed with love with Andrew and his longtime collaborators Dave Harrington (DARKSIDE), drummer Nick Kinsey (Kevin Morby), saxophonist Danny Meyer (Julia Holter, Chairlift), and singer Ang Low.

Beautiful stuff.


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