Andrew Paul Davis ‘Restaurant’ : Sense of self and environment comes through with shimmer and delightful charm.

Andrew Paul Davis

“This song has the most chords of any song I’ve written,” said Andrew Paul Davis. “In my experience the better songs just kinda flow out of you, they don’t take forever to write. I thought it’d be romantic to portray an overworked couple on the waitstaff of a busy restaurant, while acknowledging our own internal paradoxes that prevent us from being 100% confident in many of our actions.”

Andrew Paul Davis is a filmmaker and songwriter based in Chicago, IL. He attended college in Indiana, where he began songwriting. Backdropped by an adolescence of playing trumpet and spinning baroque pop records, his first self-produced single ‘Frenemy’ was released in 2016.

Added Andrew: “‘Restaurant’ features a proggy structure, fun musical interlude, and concludes a half-step up from the rest of the song. This is a favorite off the record for me and my producer Bill Baird, former member of the band Sound Team.”

Off of his latest LP ‘For Now’, Andrew’s inner George Harrison comes out with this fun diddy. A loving vibe, with observational interactions, Andrew’s sense of self and environment comes through with shimmer and delightful charm.


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